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Need to move more quickly towards your diversity goals? Bleeker can help you identify, attract, and hire the hard-to-find high performers who will strengthen your culture and enhance your organizational diversity at all levels.

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The Bleeker team nailed the right balance of an organic compounding network.
Bleeker is onto something revolutionary. As a Data Scientist, I know the power of networks…

-  Warren Reed CEO @ Oppzo
How we do it

Reduce time-to-hire and enhance organizational diversity. We share our deep and nuanced understanding of the professional needs of historically marginalized executives with leaders at the top of your executive hiring funnel; that is, leaders in your organization who are scoping the roles, determining applicant requirements and leading candidate evaluation.

Our belief is that hiring managers needlessly limit candidate diversity by unintentionally introducing bias into job descriptions, or narrowing applicant requirements by school type or company type, or over-weighting “cultural fit” in the candidate evaluation process. To mitigate these risks, we offer the following solutions:

  • Ongoing General Consultation: Supporting your talent acquisition team with regular advice and impartial feedback on strategies and tactics aimed at enhancing the executive recruitment of diverse professionals across all of your business units.
  • Role Consultation: Advising leaders preparing to recruit external executives onto their teams, ensuring that shaping and scoping the role in ways that ensure maximum quality candidate diversity.
  • Role Promotion: For roles where Bleeker has supported shaping and scoping efforts, we can enhance the discreet promotion of the executive opening by leveraging our understanding of your organization and our connections to priority candidates.
  • Candidate Evaluation: For roles where Bleeker has supported shaping and scoping efforts, we can enhance the stage of the executive recruitment process when candidates are being evaluated to ensure that contributors aren’t unwittingly limiting the candidacy of professionals from historically marginalized groups by supplying hiring managers with a critical and unfiltered evaluation of top candidates, using unbiased measures related to organizational priorities.
What makes Bleeker’s executive recruiting approach different?
  • Through our discovery process we establish an understanding of your organizational culture so that your team can more effectively determine the candidates who best fit your company.
  • We provide input and advice to help you establish a consistent interview process that promotes thorough vetting while creating a positive candidate experience.
  • Our understanding of individual capabilities (supported by our 1:1 coaching work with a diverse collection of multi-industry leaders and strengthened by our digital platform) helps us provide additional insights on your top candidates so that you can be sure you are vetting them thoroughly.
  • The Bleeker Connect platform provides beneficial personal insights on their leadership capabilities, creating value to all candidates considered for your open roles.
  • After you choose your  candidate, we provide support through coaching to ensure a successful transition.

At Bleeker, we pride ourselves in the partnerships we build. Some of our clients include:

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