Normalizing top-to-bottom representation


Bleeker's mission is to put underrepresented talent in the driver’s seat of their careers; helping them get where they want to go, how they want to get there. But where - I’m often asked - is Bleeker going?

I'll tell you where we're going: at Bleeker, we’re in business to normalize the top-to-bottom representation of historically marginalized talent in the workplace.

We believe that by creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces - with balanced representation of historically marginalized talent from the board and executive levels on down - we will have a significant impact on the culture.

Achieving this impact starts at home, with Bleeker’s own workplace. We’re proud of our gender and racial diversity, but we have a ways to go before we achieve company-wide gender and racial balance. And we’re far from balanced in many other important dimensions, including socio-economic, regional, sexual orientation, and the representation of persons with disabilities. We are committed to improving our balance in these areas as we grow.

Beyond the efforts to advance Bleeker's company culture, we’ve partnered with leaders across a variety of different industries who are similarly committed to creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. For these partners, we deliver a full-stack solution that results in more historically marginalized candidates interviewed, hired, retained, and advanced. Piecemeal interventions won’t overcome a systemic challenge of this magnitude, so we’re delivering a systemic solution to our partners.

Normalizing the top-to-bottom representation of historically marginalized talent in the workplace won’t be easy, but nothing worth accomplishing ever is. We at Bleeker are motivated first to be the change we wish to see in the world and then to partner with millions of other leaders who are truly committed to transforming their own workplaces for good. If you're one of those leaders, we'd love to hear from you.

Cam Snaith
November 18, 2021