Putting you in the driver’s seat of your career


When was the last time you felt in control of your career? Odds are it’s been a while. And, if you’re a Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, or other professional of color in the US, you might have never experienced this feeling of control.

Bleeker is committed to changing that.

We believe that every professional deserves to be in the driver’s seat of their career. When you’re in control of your career, you can:

  • Fulfill your basic human needs through your job.
  • Learn in ways that energize you through your work.
  • Collaborate with people who help you grow and evolve as a human (not just as a worker).
  • Align your lived values with the true purpose of your employer.
  • Work with a great degree of freedom and autonomy.
  • Optimize your financial, mental, and physical well-being through your job.
  • Create a body of work that fills you with pride.

Being in control of your career ultimately means choice. It means that you can choose to skip the pursuit of expensive educational degrees. You can choose to avoid the lure of expensive professional badges. You can choose to leave jobs where you’re being undervalued. You can choose to join the companies that deserve you. You can choose between a variety of leadership paths. It also means that you don’t have to choose between financial, physical, and mental well-being and a steady paycheck.

Right now, there are far too few professionals of color who are in the position to make these choices. But not for long.

As I look ahead to 2022 and observe the incredibly talented and committed Bleeker team preparing for an evolution towards greater impact, I have no doubt that we are about to change the career fortunes of millions of professionals. By building new, widely-accessible career-building products and expanding our free career-building platform that centers the needs of professionals of color but welcomes all, Bleeker is bending the future of work to become more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and collaborative.

We’re excited to put you in the driver’s seat of your career.

Cam Snaith
January 15, 2022
Career Development