Bleeker coaching has successfully supported employees at all levels in becoming more effective performers, collaborators, people managers, and leaders. We guide leaders in accelerating their team's effectiveness. We advance our clients’ talent development, retention and belonging goals through our programming.

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Unlock and unleash your team’s potential with Bleeker Thinking Partnerships.
Unlock and unleash your team’s potential with Bleeker Thinking Partner-ships.

How we do it

There is truly no replacement for having the dedicated professional support that a Thinking Partner provides with the continuity and confidentiality to work through challenges and growth opportunities.

-Client Feedback

One on One Coaching: Bleeker Thinking Partners, our name for executive coaches, work with leaders to discover their unique style and capabilities. Thinking Partners support the effectiveness and engagement of leaders and their teams by growing their Collaborative Intelligence, the ability to think with those who think differently. Starting with exploring Mind Patterns and Thinking Talents, Thinking Partner sessions support leaders with decision making, managing through conflict, understanding and addressing bias, managing both up and down, and career strategy and tactics.

Group Sessions: Bleeker Thinking Partners facilitate group coaching sessions, identifying individual and collective goals and creating an engaging space to increase understanding, improve collaboration, and drive inclusion to build a talent magnetic culture.

Career Transition: Ending well is one of the most important things we can do both for ourselves and for our employees. Bleeker offers short term career coaching for people transitioning to a new position and for employers seeking to support valued employees whose services are no longer required in their current role. Longer term transformation coaching services are available for people interested in exploring a new career or redefining their life's work.

Bleeker Thinking Partnership Focus Areas

The unique ways individuals think, learn, and communicate.
Optimize the effectiveness of communication with others who think differently.
Our natural ways of thinking that naturally “light us up” and give us energy.
Uncover hidden biases based on our cognitive preferences. Leverage capabilities of your team to work better together and achieve results more efficiently.
The systems of communication that support effective collaboration, performance, and behavioral change.
Supports learning, trust, and quality engagement among team members while valuing the differences in thinking and types of feedback.
Individual conflict styles impact how we experience and navigate conflict.
Identifying personal triggers that lead to conflict — and how to mitigate them.

Identifying productive vs unproductive conflicts.
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