Bleeker Certification

Add a competitive edge to your coaching practice.

Bleeker’s Certification equips seasoned coaches with the tools to help their clients discover their unique ways of thinking, learning, and communicating, uncover what energizes them, and grow their ability to collaborate with the key people in their lives.

With your Certification, you and your clients will have 24-7 access to our digital platform, our scientifically validated assessments, and materials that provide a deeper understanding of your clients' cognitive preferences and strengths. You will receive ongoing support and continuing education opportunities to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in coaching. And you will be eligible to be tapped for paid coaching opportunities with Bleeker’s wide array of blue chip clients.

We’re excited to supercharge your coaching practice.

The Program

Our boot camp style interactive course is designed to be no longer than 10 hours and it is divided into four sessions: 

Session 1: Mind Patterns: Thinking About Thinking
  • Recognizing how your mind works.
  • Recognizing how others' minds work.
  • Utilizing Mind Patterns
Session 2: Thinking Talents: Energizing Skills
  • Uncovering your Thinking Talents.
  • Becoming a Thinking Partner to others.
  • Utilizing Thinking Talents
  • Thinking Talents and Inquiry
Session 3: Creating a Collaborative Future
  • Thinking Talents and Cultural Uniqueness
  • Cultivating a growth mindset using Mind Patterns and Thinking Talents.
Session 4: Leveraging the Bleeker Connect Platform and Reports
  • Maintaining your own Bleeker Connect platform.
  • Leveraging the platform for your clients.

To earn the certification, participants will have two assessments, to be completed within two weeks after the boot camp:

  • Certification Test: 
    A multiple choice/short answer test with a passing score of 80%.
  • Practicum:
    Record a 45 minute Mind Patterns and Thinking Talent debrief with a volunteer supplied by Bleeker.

For any additional questions about the curriculum or course, please email

Upcoming Boot Camp Dates: 
- Thursday October 12th & Friday October 13th, 2023
- Thursday December 7th & Friday December 8th, 2023
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