Don't leave your next career move to chance.

Bleeker Transformation guides experienced talent through a critical transition with a coordinated, cohesive and hands-on approach. We support you with:

  • A dedicated thinking partner (establishing clarity, focus & confidence)

  • A change partner (curating connections, introductions and career opportunities)

  • A communications partner (shaping a favorable transition narrative

And we surround you with a diverse community of extraordinary talent throughout your transformation. Define the landscape, control your narrative, and transition with confidence.

During this first phase of your transformation (lasting approximately 2 to 3 months), your thinking partner will help you clarify the path forward, your change partner will help you uncover your strengths and purpose and your communications partner will audit your narrative materials (resume, bio, online profile).

During this phase you can expect:

  • Twice-monthly 1-on-1 thinking partner sessions

  • Monthly career landscape sessions with change partner  

  • Career narrative session with communications specialist

  • Monthly group sessions with transformation talent  

During the second phase (lasting approximately 2 to 3 months), we'll begin considering your various paths forward. During this phase you can expect:

  • Career landscape sessions with your change partner 

  • Change narrative session with communications specialist

  • Tailored introductions to start-up founders, potential collaborators, and fellow explorers 

  • Publishing new narrative materials (resume, online profile, social platforms)

  • Attending Bleeker community & learning events (attended by Bleeker talent community, promising refreshing dialogue and inspiring collisions)

  • To be featured (anonymously) in a Bleeker Report

During the third and final phase (lasting approximately 2 to 3 months), we'll begin actively pursuing preferred transition opportunities, all while supported by your thinking partner, change agent and communications specialist. During this phase, you can expect:

  • Opportunities to solidify your transformation narrative through writing, speaking and interview opportunities

  • Introductions to the principals of organizations that meet your consideration criteria

  • Opportunity vetting sessions with transformation team to prioritize competing opportunities

At the conclusion of Phase 3, you'll continue receiving community, learning and thinking partner support with a one-year complimentary Bleeker Network+ membership.

Professional Thinking Partners (PTP) and Bleeker have collaborated to create the Transformation platform.

Leveraging PTP’s experience working with C-suite global leaders from companies like Charles Schwab, Daimler Chrysler, GE Capital, Microsoft and PepsiCo, PTP’s decades worth of research on growing individual capabilities provides the foundation for the thinking partner support

Combined with Bleeker’s deep insights on the drivers of modern talent and their experience supporting a diverse collection of uniquely talented leaders from companies like Alphabet, Apple, BuzzFeed and Nike, they have crafted an exciting approach to career change that guides transitioning executives to the next chapter of their extraordinary careers. 

Bleeker Transformation is available by referral only. If you've been sent here by a friend or associate, complete the form below and we'll be in touch to schedule our introductory session.

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