Thinking Partners

Thinking Partners are like executive coaches, but better. They inspire growth, enhance capacity, foster interdependence, and resolve challenges. Bleeker Thinking Partners energize our entire talent ecosystem.

Bleeker Thinking Partners are executives who’ve exhibited excellence in personal development, authentic communication, and business strategy. If you want to translate your professional experience into a framework that can support a diverse collection of incredible talent, we’ll train you on building and operating your own thriving Thinking Partner practice.


Bleeker Thinking Partner Benefits

Thinking Partners are trained in an approach that we believe to be far more effective than coaching.

Thinking Partners are trained in pods. Your pod will continue to learn & work together at the conclusion of the training.


Through each Thinking Partner engagement, you’re exposed to a new, uniquely accomplished professional from our global talent pool.

We’ll teach you how to use our extensive library of discovery and growth tools to support your practice.


Following our training, you have full control over who you support and how much time you commit to Thinking Partnerships.

Your Thinking Partnership practice could generate steady income for you, without requiring a full-time commitment. 

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