Bleeker supports hundreds of talented professionals in pursuit of greatness. Our deep and diverse talent network is home to some of the most creative and productive professionals working today. Entrepreneurs, artists, strategists, technologists, authors, leaders and dreamers alike trust Bleeker to deliver the opportunities, tools, teachers and community they need to lead an extraordinary life’s work.



Bleeker talent are tapped for a variety of exciting, collaborative engagements with our clients. From day-long group ideation sessions to months-long engagements launching new business units, Bleeker’s opportunities allow our talent to work with purpose and autonomy, while surrounded by incredible people.



We organize regular gatherings where members of the Bleeker network can connect, learn and support one another. Community gatherings include in-person events, video support groups and a private group messaging platform. We pride ourself on creating reflective and inclusive physical and digital spaces where talented people can feel at home in their own skin.



We support Bleeker talent with a variety of tools (e.g. lessons, exercises, and frameworks) and programs (i.e. Bleeker Transformation) that strengthen their pursuit of personal and professional growth. Bleeker tools are delivered via in-person and video learning events, and shared via our group messaging platform.



Our team of Bleeker Thinking Partners support Bleeker talent seeking to unleash their full potential. Thinking partners are like executive coaches, but with a modern approach. Through regular video sessions, they help our talent achieve clarity on uncertain situations, access and uncover their internal resources and establish frameworks that enable ongoing growth.