Crafting a successful career path has never been more complicated. Today’s creative professionals deserve a new support system to navigate our increasingly-complex, fast-paced work landscape.  BLEEKER delivers that support.


Whether you're seeking specific or general advice, recommendations or referrals, assistance with personal or professional projects, we facilitate introductions to people who are qualified to answer your request.


We host regular events designed to deliver a supportive environment for all participants, including the The Founder's Forum (for all entrepreneurs) and The BLEEKER Showcase (for all talent looking to receive immediate, honest feedback on their latest project). 


Each member of BLEEKER’s talent network is screened for their curiosity and generosity - this careful vetting process has produced an incredible collection of individuals who are eager to learn and to share. This makes our fulfilling requests for formal mentorship easy. 


We publish original training content and produce monthly, in-person Ideation + Implementation Sessions that are guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, energized and prepared to conquer your next professional challenge.

the bleeker FELLOWSHIP


The BLEEKER Fellowship is a one-of-a-kind leadership opportunity awarded to BLEEKER talent who are ready for a year of explosive growth. Twelve months of dedicated coaching, mentoring + administrative assistance, all while surrounded by a diverse collection of exemplary creators and doers.