Over the last 5 years, we've met thousands of extraordinary professionals in pursuit of greatness. Many have influenced how we think about work and talent. A handful have been especially influential.

This report recognizes XX of these professionals: our list of the New Yorkers who are shaping the future of work. 

The professionals who are most likely to thrive in the future of work are those who excel in areas that can be broadly described as creative, leadership, and communication skills. The people who acquire the essential skills that make up these disciplines and are continually improving their creative, leadership and communications capabilities are the most valuable additions to any team and the most adaptable to change. 

The people on this list work across many different industries and professions, but they all produce innovative solutions and transformative ideas. They're collaborators who captain challenging initiatives and inspire others to action. They're people who commit to the pursuit of greatness.

From the thousands of intelligent and hardworking professionals who we've had the pleasure of interviewing, advising, and training since 2013, we've selected the forty who fit the following criteria:

  • They're working in New York City.

  • They're an emerging leader, with plenty of room left to grow.

  • They're leaning heavily on their creative skills.

  • They've exhibited demonstrable impact.

No active founders or freelancers here; they're getting a list of their own.