Illustration by Kim Smith.

During each I + I Workshop, you'll be immersed in a new theme, presented with an expansive problem statement, introduced to leaders working within (mostly) unfamiliar fields and tasked with rapidly designing original solutions to real-world problems.

January 18th: Nutrition
February 15th: Wellness
March 29th: Safety + Stress
April 19th: Security + Risks
May 17th: Relationships
June 21st: Esteem
July 19th: Knowledge
September 20th: Beauty + Excellence
October 18th: Personal Growth
November 15th: Peaks + Flows


Illustration by Kim Smith.

Every month of the year,  we introduce a new set of lessons, tools and practices from our 2017 Learning Agenda.

Download the lessons below.

January: Setting Goals
February: Taming the Ego
March: Managing Priorities
April: Self-Management Principles
May: Communicating Effectively
June: Evolutionary Purpose
July: Sound Decision-Making
August: How to Learn
September: Building Perseverance
October: Wholeness
November: Leveraging Passions + Managing Failure
December: Achieving Mastery