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Bleeker Mastery Class: Vincent Stanley

Invaluable lessons on creativity and leadership from the inspiring author who was one of Patagonia’s founding employees. 

Vincent Stanley, co-author with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company, spent many of his years at Patagonia - on & off since it's beginning in 1973 - working in key executive roles as head of sales or marketing. More informally, he is Patagonia’s long-time chief storyteller. 

In this class, you’ll join a community of learners in uncovering the simple secrets to Vincent’s success as a creative and a team leader. From the importance of killing your inner editor and taming your ego to the benefits of leading from the back and applying soft influence.

The perfect experience for any executive seeking a balance between creativity and leadership.

Registration Closes: Friday, February 9
Class Starts: Monday, February 19
Class Ends: Friday, March 16
Commitment: Four hours per week.
Accessibility: Available everywhere with email + online access.

Class enrollment is $499 for the general public, but free for the first 50 Network members. Register below:

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