In today’s innovation economy, creators are your most valuable employees:  Your teammates who perform complicated, non-routine, impossible-to-automate work. These creators are not born — they’re made.

Creators are made

Three years of BLEEKER research (1,000+ subjects) uncovered the routines and disciplines that produce extraordinary coders, writers, designers, litigators, entrepreneurs, marketers and more. What we learned surprised us.


We learned that creativity isn’t black magic. Creativity requires mindset, discipline and practice. Not theoretical practice — actual practice. Any professional can become a high-performing creator through smart, consistent training.


What works for high-performing athletes & musicians also works for high-performing executives: Elite performers rely on coaches to establish routines and disciplines. They hone existing skills and develop new ones through practice with peers.

Performance Enhancement BINDS coaching WITH practice - AND THE RESULTS ARE EXTRAORDINARY.