Bleeker’s 2018 Future-List: The Creators' Edition


Over the last 5 years, I’ve met thousands of extraordinary professionals in pursuit of greatness. Each meeting influences how I think about leadership, mastery, and career development, and I’m grateful for every one of these interactions. 

On the occasion when I meet a person who is determined to balance their profession with purpose and who is committed to supporting their ongoing personal growth to achieve this balance, I am thrilled to invite them into the Bleeker Network, a diverse community of professionals supported with training, connections and opportunities designed to advance their careers and fulfill their life's purpose. 

Our Network selection criteria is industry and expertise agonistic; curiosity, generosity and commitment to growth are the qualities that we care most about. As a result, the Network has grown into a uniquely supportive community - a melting-pot of interests and abilities in pursuit of purpose and mastery.

In the coming months, Bleeker will publish a series of reports that recognize a handful of our Network members. For these reports, we’re particularly focused on the people in our community who are shaping the future of work through their unassuming actions and with quiet determination. We’ve named this project ‘The Future-List’ and the first segment - The Creators' Edition - launches today. You can read the report & meet our first batch of Future-Listers here: Bleeker's 2018 Future-List: The Creators' Edition.

This first edition of the Future-List highlights a diverse group of creative professionals whose careers have been defined more by action than by words. I hope that you enjoy learning more about their stories and join me in celebrating their accomplishments. I’m looking forward to shining a light on even more members of our community in the very near future.