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Bleeker is onto something revolutionary. As a data scientist, I know the power of networks... think the PayPal Mafia, Facebook’s billion-plus users, and the McKinsey and Harvard alumni networks. The Bleeker team nailed the right balance of an organic compounding network, not only do I feel it’s a go-to place for growth and inspiration, it’s a place where I want to contribute as well.
— Warren Reed, Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co
Bleeker is the network you never realized you needed, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a veteran of the corporate world. Whatever you’re seeking, Bleeker has … inspiration, motivation, a chance to give back, or the opportunity to connect with wickedly smart, amazing people.
— Ilana Finley, Vice President Global Communications at Nike
Thanks to Bleeker I have direct access to some of the most creative, talented, thoughtful and driven people on the planet. I’ve sat down with established artists, Olympic champions, diehard activists, renowned professors. The Bleeker Network has helped me broaden my ambitions, navigate tough challenges and find great friends.
— Clement Huyghebaert, Director of Engineering at BuzzFeed
I’m constantly amazed by the breadth of expertise you can access within the Bleeker Network. Each member possesses a deep knowledge of their respective fields, which makes collaboration across different projects a very productive and fulfilling experience.
— Nadeska Alexis, News Anchor and Sr. Editorial Producer at Complex Media