Over the last 5 years, our team has met hundreds of extraordinary entrepreneurs in pursuit of greatness. Many have influenced how we think about resilience, ingenuity, and cooperation. A handful have been especially influential.

This report recognizes 21 of these special business-builders: our list of the entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of work. 

I don’t know if it’s ever been easier to start a business. The tools needed to publish, promote, create, distribute and capitalize have been digitalized and democratized. This ease of entry allows entrepreneurs to quickly bring products and services to market that align with their curiosity, their purpose and their passion. Now more than ever, a start-up can materialize as a real-time solution to problem that entrepreneurs see in the world.

But building a business is still incredibly hard. The people on this list have persevered to launch and grow businesses across many different industries and professions. They’re all using ingenuity, persistence and hard work to drive their businesses toward higher ground. And they deserve to be celebrated for their reluctance to settle for the status quo, alway striving for improvement.

From the hundreds of incredible entrepreneurs who we've had the pleasure of supporting in New York City since 2013, we've selected the twenty-one who fit the following criteria for The Entrepreneurs' Edition of our Future-List:

  • They're building a business that aligns with their purpose.

  • They're interested in making their industry, community or profession better.

  • They've exhibited demonstrable impact.

We've chosen not to include the entrepreneurs who are running start-ups that have achieved or are rapidly-approaching scale, focusing instead on businesses and founders flying under the radar.    

Without further ado, here is Bleeker's 2018 Future-List: The Entrepreneurs' Edition!