a: individuals possessing an ability to lead and succeed in a multitude of personal and professional environments
b: curious, generous and eager to grow
c: original perspectives informed by unique experiences
d: hard to find, hard to categorize, and impossible to restrict
— A definition of “elusive talent”

Engaging and inspiring elusive talent can be complicated, competitive and expensive for even the very best companies. Developing and sustaining a continuous growth path while navigating change and career success can be challenging, lonely, and overwhelming even  the most accomplished talent. Bleeker solves the elusive talent needs of growth companies and the shifting career needs of elusive talent.

To accomplish this, we’ve built a one-of-a-kind talent ecosystem.

 Bleeker Talent Ecosystem


Companies hire our talent agency to engage and inspire elusive talent.  The talent agency benefits from the deep and diverse insights sourced from our talent network.


Elusive talent joins the Bleeker Network to explore, discover, and achieve the extraordinary. The talent network benefits from the unique opportunities provided by our talent agency.

Company Solutions

Talent Engagement
- Scouting
- Introductions
- Program: Elusive Talent

Talent Inspiration
- Training
- Coaching (Thinking Partnerships)
- Mentoring
- Program: Connected Leadership

Talent Solutions

- Support groups and guided advice

- Talent introductions and Network events

- Talent training and coaching
- Program: Bleeker Transformation and Bleeker Energy